Now, more than ever, Nevadans must band together to encourage and support Nevada’s elected officials, agencies and departments at all levels in meaningfully addressing the impacts of climate change; to make sure climate is considered in all future decisions. By bringing together the current conservation and racial justice movements, we can build the power necessary to address climate change’s impacts on our state and prioritize justice-based climate solutions. The future of our state can be vibrant and sustainable if we invest in equitable development, transit, resource use paradigms, and climate planning in our communities.

Governments, agencies, organizations, businesses, and citizens at every level need to act rapidly to curb the impacts of climate disruption and protect our communities in the face of future climatic shifts. Severe events such as drought and wildfire, diminished water supplies, and extreme heat indexes threaten the future stability of communities in our state.

The Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition is a forum where organizations can discuss the impacts of a disrupted climate, share information, and coordinate strategies and tactics to create meaningful solutions to the challenges we face. Our membership, priorities and perspectives are diverse. We may have different strategies and tactics, but we share a commitment to meaningful climate action. Our goal is to light the fire to address climate change and apply an intersectional approach to addressing the challenges and finding meaningful solutions; to support each other as we weave climate into our work on other issues and beyond; and to encourage equitable growth, improved corporate business models, and responsible planning at all levels.


Nevada is the single fastest-warming state in America, many of our communities suffer from poor air quality, and we are in a region that is increasingly water insecure. The Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition is a network of organizations committed to ensuring equity, justice, and sustainability are brought into governmental decision making in the face of climate change. By joining together, Nevadans can work to ensure climate is addressed at every level in our state where climate mitigation and adaptations can be applied to meet civilization’s greatest challenge.


The Coalition is formed of member groups Center for Biological Diversity, EcoMadres, Great Basin Resource Watch, Indivisible of Northern Nevada, Make It Work Nevada, Make the Road Nevada, Moms Clean Air Force, Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada, Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter, and Sunrise Movement Las Vegas Hub.