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Help us shape the future of Nevada! The Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition, in partnership with the Southern Nevada Strong initiative, is hosting a series of Listening Sessions to understand how environmental issues are affecting housing costs, transportation, water, and extreme heat. We want to hear your ideas💡, concerns 💬, and dreams 💭 for the community to work on these issues and ensure we bring positive impacts into our communities.

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Affordable Housing

As temperatures continue to rise in Nevada those without safe housing will suffer greatly from the impacts of climate change.

We need to invest in sustainable and affordable housing to protect our communities from the climate crisis. Additionally, investing in public housing and sustainable heating and cooling in housing will reduce energy usage, and reduce the economic burden of utility costs on those most vulnerable.


Nevadans need accessible, reliable, affordable, and sustainable public transportation options. Fossil fuel emissions from vehicles on our roadways contribute to rising temperatures and worsened air quality.

We need zero-emission alternatives to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and provide greater mobility throughout our state.

The Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition is working closely with the Regional Transportation Commission on the Southern Nevada Strong initiative to plan a sustainable future for our community.


Water scarcity is a state-wide issue, and drought is the top issue Nevadans are concerned about. Southern Nevada competes with other states for drinking water from the Colorado River, and water levels in Lake Mead are lower than ever before.

Other parts of our state are combating the loss of groundwater and minimal surface water availability, as well as pollution from mining projects. Access to clean, safe, and reliable drinking water should be a right for all Nevadans- regardless of whether we live in urban or rural areas.

Extreme Heat

Nevadans live in some of the fastest-warming cities in the nation. Research shows that extreme heat disproportionately impacts communities of color. Despite the fact that heat-related deaths and  illness are preventable, heat is still the leading weather-related cause of mortalities in the U.S.

In 2023, the Southern Nevada Health District reported 108 heat-associated deaths in Clark County alone. Nevada OSHA received a record number of heat-related complaints from both indoor and outdoor workers this year. Nevadans need protections to stay safe from this invisible threat. The Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition is working with partners at all levels of government and labor unions to advocate for worker protections.


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01.Windsor Park Environmental Justice Act (SB450):

Signed by Governor The newly enacted Windsor Park Environmental Justice Act establishes a program for the relocation of the Windsor Park residents, a neighborhood of the City of North Las Vegas whose homes have been affected by the sinking of the ground beneath their residences. The act will give the affected residents a chance to exchange their damaged homes for a newly constructed residence adjacent to Windsor Park through a program of the Housing Division.

Windsor Park is a historically Black community built over geological faults and an aquifer in North Las Vegas in the 1960s. As groundwater was pumped from the aquifer, Windsor Park’s houses began to sink, crack, and break. For years the community has sought justice and solutions with city, state, and federal officials with the help of Senator Dina Neal.

02. (AB131):

AB 131 This bill revises provisions governing urban and community forestry in Nevada. 

  • What is AB131:  VIDEO INTERVIEW


Learn more about Past Work

SB169 (Vetoed by the Governor): This bill would have required Clark and Washoe counties to include heat mitigation plans in their long-term development strategy. The Governor’s decision to veto this bill is disheartening and raises questions about his commitment to addressing climate change. Nevada’s heat poses severe consequences for the health and well-being of vulnerable communities.

SB 427 (Failed to Meet Deadlines): Known as the Outdoor Workers Protection Bill, would have established parameters to protect workers from the effects of extreme heat and unsatisfactory air quality in the workplace. The death of this bill brings concerns that if we don’t work quickly in future legislations we risk the health of many workers in Nevada.

AB 312 (Failed to Meet Deadlines): This bill was looking to create an Environmental Justice Advisory Council where community members could voice their concerns related to Environmental Justice and the Council would advise the Legislation to address these concerns.

Working with legislators to create change in Nevada

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