Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition

Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition Joint Statement: Nevada State Climate Initiative

Hello, my name is Ainslee Archibald and I’m the Coalition Coordinator for the Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition. Today, I’m proud to represent the organizations we’ve brought together for this listening session. In addition to uplifting the voices of our partners, I wanted to raise some of our issues with this process, which are as follows: […]

Nevada State Climate Initiative statement: Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter

Ensuring Climate Justice is centered in Nevada’s Climate Plan means prioritizing those most impacted by climate change when drafting solutions. This means listening to front line communities by breaking the mold of traditional community outreach and empowering those already feeling the impact to be in the room where the decisions are made. In Nevada, frontline […]

Nevada State Climate Initiative statement: Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada

PLAN believes everyone has the right to live in a clean and healthy environment, regardless of their race, income or immigration status.  Addressing our dependence as a nation, and especially in Nevada, on an extractive economy, is central to our Environmental Justice campaign. Currently, poor and marginalized communities are disproportionately affected by pollution and climate […]

Activists call for Justice to be core in Nevada’s Climate Plan

Activists call for Justice to be core in Nevada’s Climate Plan Nevada — Representatives of the Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition and its partner organizations spoke today at the Nevada Climate Initiative’s virtual listening session on climate justice. Community members and representatives of organizations alike raised issues with the process and discussed their work for climate […]