Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition

Nevada State Climate Initiative statement: Sunrise Vegas

As a youth-based organization, Sunrise is heavily invested in ensuring prosperity and livability for the future that our generation will inherit, as well as for all who will come after us. And centering climate justice in every decision we make as we move forward is integral to securing this.

Climate justice is the crux of everything we have discussed over the past three weeks. Climate justice is transitioning to renewable energy. Climate justice is responsible and sustainable land use. Climate justice is a system of accessible and energy efficient public transit, clean air for all, and urban planning that works for the community, not for developers. And all of these build a transition towards the productive, green jobs that both our environment and economy need.

To create this future, we need the policy to set ourselves down a new path of responsibility and sustainability. Nevada needs a Green New Deal, to recognize and mitigate the unique environmental threats facing our state. We are home to the fastest warming city in the nation, but we should not have to be. My generation should not have to question whether or not we will be able to live the rest of our lives here because of unlivable conditions caused by the climate crisis. We have the ability, the resources, and the duty to work as a community to save this state and ourselves. The Green New Deal is climate justice.