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Channel 13 on the Bill By Sen. Neal to Save Sinking NLV Neighborhood

NORTH LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — A proposed bill was passed Thursday by state legislators in a committee hearing and is headed to the Senate.

This comes decades after residents in the “historically Black Windsor Park development” in North Las Vegas learned that their homes were sinking and are in need of some help.

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Barbara Carter bought a home in the Windsor Park neighborhood in North Las Vegas back in 1966. She has one main goal in mind.

“I would like to leave something for my children,” she said. “My grandchildren and maybe someday, my great-grandchildren.”

However, she ran into a major challenge in making her dream a reality.

“One morning, woke up, splashed headlines in the newspaper,” she said. “Sinking residents.”

Carter found out she bought a home from a private developer who did not conduct a thorough investigation of the land and in 1989, a study discovered the neighborhood was built over geological faults and an aquifer.

“You get the message that “X” number of dollars has been set aside for Windsor Park, but when it comes down to maintenance or people who are being moved the money isn’t there,” she said.

Carter says Senate Bill 450, co-sponsored by Senator Dina Neal called the Windsor Park Environmental Justice Act, it can be a promising solution. In a state legislature committee hearing Thursday, Carter stepped up to voice what she needs.

“I would like to trade everything I have, my home, for another piece of property and a home where I will not have to owe anything,” she said.

If passed, SB 450 would allow residents like Carter who moved in prior to the findings of the geological inspection to 1989 to exchange their damaged homes for a new home built near the same neighborhood.

Residents who moved into Windsor Park after the discovery and are paying a mortgage will receive help from the federal housing division to pay off their loan.

“Because of the long term neglect, it is time for the city to take part in providing the remedy as well as relocate those families within North Las Vegas,” said Senator Neal.

Neal says to fund this bill, the state would put forward $10 million, but the city would need to put forward $20 million.

State legislators in the committee told North Las Vegas finance director, Will Hardy there are discrepancies in the financial reports and the budgets are not adding up, unsure where the money intended for Windsor Park was going.

“I believe the current number has not changed since 2004 at $100k,” Neal said about the current help being given to residents to relocate.

Hardy says they have been working with families who have accepted the voluntary program. The bill was set in motion and passed unanimously among the committee, the next step is the Senate.

Among those who attended the committee meeting, a man gave KTNV a closer looks at the damage.

Resident of Windsor Park, Edward McCall, says cracks are visible in the ceiling. He’s dealing difficult conditions to do everything he can to keep his house standing.

“The roof sinks down in the middle, the whole house sinks down in the middle,” McCall said. “I went down there and had to jack it back up into place.”

McCall moved to his home in 1966. He says the first 10 years were great, but then cracks on the roof, walls falling down, and even roads and sidewalks are sinking.

Next door, foundations of homes are filled with cracks, sinking into the land.

McCall says they are screaming for help, finding hope in Senate Bill 450.

His grandson ads this is no place to raise his growing family.

“At lease help us move, we all want to stay together,” the grandson said. “We are a community, we want to move together, and build us a new house to make it livable cause we have to do it all.”

KTNV reached out to the City of North Las Vegas, and they have since to respond. Senator Neal says the next stop for the bill is to head to the Senate either on Friday or early next week.

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