Nevada Environmental Justice Coalition

Children in School Exposed to Carcinogens Demand NVLeg to Help Them

*Press Conference*

Children from Local Tribes Exposed to Carcinogens Urge Lawmakers to Fund New School  


Thursday, April 27th @10AM PST

To The Left of the Nevada Legislature Between The Legislature and Capital Buildings

401 S Carson St 

 Carson City, NV 89701

Carson City, NV – Native American tribes from Nevada will voice their concerns in front of legislators in their fight for justice, specifically funding for a new school. The various tribes who call Duck Valley their home will be giving their personal stories on how the plumes below their only school have affected their health. 

With an alarming rise in resident mortality rates from cancer, the answer has pointed to be due to the contaminated pipes full of carcinogen cancer-causing fumes that circulate through the only school in the valley, directly impacting the children who call Duck Valley home. 

The residents will gather and perform a traditional drum ceremony to lobby their concern and the overwhelming need for funding for a healthier safer school for their children away from the life-threatening conditions their current school faces on top of these plumes. 

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